Your Aussie artisan wine shop in Hong Kong

Discover the most unique & exciting hand-crafted Australian wines

Forget the old-fashioned Australian big-bodied Shiraz & oaky Chardonnays...

Discover the NEW WAVE of cool climate artisanal Australian wines!

We source our vibrant & modern cool climate wines directly & exclusively from top boutique wineries across Victoria ONLY

Victoria = 1 State = 21 Wine regions

Real wines, Real people

We love "real" Aussie wines that tell a story with a strong sense of place

Wines made with passion, wines with a twist reflecting the interpretation of their makers & showcasing the diversity of the amazing Australian Terroirs. 

Natural practices (biodynamic & organic principles), minimum intervention & traditional winemaking are certainly part of the package, but most of all, we hunt for delicious wines. Wines we love drinking & sharing. Wines that excite our tastebuds and make us go: "WHOA!"

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