Trade Info


By phone: +852 6147 0460


Minimum order $1,500
Delivery service operates on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
Next day delivery for orders received before 3:00PM on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. 


Each order is accompanied by an invoice. The duplicate copy of the invoice should be stamped with a company chop upon delivery and returned to Oz Terroirs as receipt of delivery. 

Vintages & Prices

All vintages and prices in the price list are subject to change without prior notice. However, it is our responsibility to update the information for our clients & we will endeavour to inform you about any changes in price and/or vintage before delivering. 

Breakages, Losses & Complaints

Oz Terroirs will carefully pack & check every order before delivery to ensure the state of the goods. However, due to a number of external factors not controllable by Oz Terroirs, a wine bottle might have faults. Should you find a bottle faulty, please contact Oz Terroirs within two business days. 

Payment Terms 

Payment by cheque or funds transfer accepted.
Credit accounts can be opened at the discretion of Oz Terroirs.
All goods delivered to customers remain the property of Oz Terroirs until payment is fully settled according to the invoice.

For further details & information 

Please contact Emmanuel Briat
Mobile: +852 6147 0460