Between Five Bells

Geelong (Vic)

Between Five Bells winery - Geelong - Victoria - Australia

The Story

Between Five Bells is, at its heart, a collective. David Fesq works in the family wine-distribution firm (as the sixth generation), Ray Nadeson is the proprietor, viticulturist and winemaker for the wonderful Lethbridge winery, Josh is the sommelier of China Doll in Sydney, and Alex makes wines for both Lethbridge and his own label, Byrne Wines.

These are co-fermented wines, made for no other reason than to be delicious. You should love the wines for the non-interventionalist philosophy, incredible drinkability, beautiful packaging and great value.

The Approach

“These are all pure wines; healthy, untampered with and delicious. I'm not sure if we're changing the face of Australian wine, and I imagine we'll need to make a lot more to do that, but I'm fairly confident there are few, if any, other wineries that have the same goals as us."  David Fesq