Heathcote (Vic)

Syrahmi winery - Heathcote - Victoria - Australia

The Story

Adam Foster has always had an interest in food and wine. A former chef who has worked in some of Victoria and London’s best kitchens, Adam decided to leave the kitchen in 2002 and immerse himself in the winemaking process. Since then, his experience in the industry has been quite diverse and somewhat unconventional. 

Adam concentrated his efforts particularly on French and Australian Rhone styles. He has had the privilege of working with some of what he considers to be the most outstanding wineries in Australia and France such as Torbreck, Chapoutier, Mitchelton, Heathcote Winery, Domaine Ogier and Jasper Hill. During these studies, Adam included extensive travels throughout Europe, learning and discovering some of the most outstanding regions and labels firsthand. With the guidance and support of people such as Ron Laughton, Don Lewis, Stephane Ogier, Jono Mepham and Pierre Gaillard, Adam released his first vintage of Heathcote Shiraz in 2004 with only 100 cases. 

Adam was awarded the 2008/2009 Young Guns of Wine Awards People’s Choice champion and when not making wine, he’s consulting to restaurants and making a ton of salami!

The Approach

As a winemaker, Adam’s aim has always been to express the true terroir of the vineyard and vintage, and along the way he has learnt you can have great success through minimal human intervention in the winemaking process and by simply putting your trust in Mother Nature.

Each year, grapes for Syrahmi are sourced and selected from a different vineyard in the Heathcote region. Thus each year, the wines are given a different name to reflect the vintage.

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