Domenica Wines

Beechworth (Vic)

Domenica winery - Beechworth - Victoria - Australia

The Story

Peter Graham cut his teeth working for thirteen years with his uncle, Rick Kinzbrunner, the owner & winemaker of the famous Giaconda winery.  Vintage experience at Ramey in Sonoma, California, a joint venture with Michel Chapoutier, and various travels through many European and Australian wine regions ensured the development of a truly international palate.

In 2012, the opportunity presented itself to purchase the vineyard owned by the Chapoutier/Giaconda joint venture, and Peter grabbed the bull by its horns and launched Domenica wines.

The Approach

Peter is a strong believer in the traditional concept of the vigneron, meaning that he makes wines from vines he tends himself, and his aim is that his wines express a sense of time and place.

Peter’s winemaking is traditional. To him, taste is more important than numbers. The yeasts comes from the site, not a packet. Pressings, solids and lees all play their part in completing the picture. The wines are carefully maintained in oak barriques before being bottled unfiltered.

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